Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis Worksheet

What is the company mission statement?
• Does it have any implications for CSR? The mission statement of PepsiCo is to provide consumers with convenient and affordable food all over the world for wholesome breakfast to healthy and fun daytime snacks and beverages to evening treats.
The implication for CSR in the company is to provide financial performance in the long run by promoting sustainability into the business strategies, building a positive impact in the community and environment. It aims at supporting employees and the society in general.
Is there a corporate social responsibility program?
• What do they call their CSR program?
• Is information on the program easy to find navigating from the corporate homepage?
• Provide a link to the main information source PepsiCo has various programs and initiatives and among one of its programs is the PepsiCo solid waste management programme. The program aims at creating a unique income developing partnership with primary environmental waste management agencies.
The information on the CSR program is easy to find on the corporate homepage. PepsiCo aims at creating performance with purpose and creating a positive imprint in the society.

Who is responsible for managing the CSR program?
• Name and title
• Do they appear to be a senior level employee?
Does the program address the different areas of CSR? Provide a specific example of each
• Internal workplace?
• External marketplace?
• External community? How do they appear to define their community?
• External environment? PepsiCo has various segments of CSR. In the internal workplace, the company aims at empowering workers and educating them. The company implemented the lean six sigma training that has been used in various countries to train employees (Hayat, 2016).
In the external marketplace, the company promotes sustainable sourcing through increasing the effectiveness of risk assessment and addressing problems effectively with consumers.
In the external community, they engage in charitable donations, promote gender and equality through the company spending funds with women and minority businesses. The community of PepsiCo is made up of any individual despite their ethnic and racial differences.
In the external environment, the company enhances environment sustainability by enhancing energy and water consumption, recycling and managing carbon dioxide emissions.
Which of the four areas of CSR receives the most attention within the company?
Does this appear to align with their business strategy? Food service, sustainability, nutrition and reducing environmental effects are the key areas of CSR in the company. The areas align with the business strategy where the company aims at creating a long-term sustainable growth.
Which area of CSR receives the least attention?
Why is this area less emphasized? Company Diversity and labor acts receive the least attention among the other areas of CSR. It is less emphasized because the company aims at creating a sustainable environment in the long run and supporting the communities.
Do they have any stated goals regarding their CSR program?
• Do they appear aggressive or attainable?
• Do they have short-term and long-term goals? If so, what dates do they specify?
• How have they performed against prior goals? The CSR program for the company aims at producing the safety and quality beverages with better tastes in all parts. It aims at maintaining robust food safety programs in ascertaining safety in every day economy.
The goals of the company are attainable since they have programs that efficiently manage these goals and ensure there is long term achievement.
The short term goal of the company was to provide food and beverages in major parts of the world by 2020. The long term goals of the company is to drive water security in high-risky areas by 2025.
Do they have any requirements for their supply chain?
• Do they audit their suppliers? The requirements for the supply chain of the company is to meet the accountability of supplier code conduct that is promoted through training. The firm expects that suppliers uphold higher levels of integrity and they use innovation in their supply chain.
PepsiCo audits it tops sugar suppliers and is committed towards third-party environmental audits. In other suppliers the firm does not perform direct audits.
Do they publish a report on their CSR activity?
• What is the date of their first CSR report? Most recent report?
• How frequently do they report?
• Is the report easy to find and read?
• What data is included in the report?
• Do they include any standardized reporting criteria (e.g. GRI)? PepsiCo publishes it CSR reports every year. In 2013, it was the first time the firm produced a CSR report. The most recent report of the company’s CSR is the 2019 sustainability report (Kumari et al., 2016).
They report annually on their progress and their plan. The reports are easily accessible on their websites to read and evaluate their effectiveness.

The information included in the company’s CSR report is their sustainability strategies, their priorities and objectives among others.
PepsiCo uses the GRI standards core guidelines in preparing their reports. Through GRI the organizational stakeholders find valuable insights that support sustainability in the long run.
How are they rated? (reference Sustainalytics data on Yahoo Finance and the top 100 Corporate Citizens Rating)
• What is their overall and specific ESG ratings?
• What is their Corporation Citizen rating?
• Do these ratings match your assessment of the company’s CSR program?
The overall weighted score of PepsiCo is 71.15 and their environment rating is 280. Governance rating for the firm is 786. The stakeholders and society relations is 62 (Corporate citizens, 2019).
The corporation citizen rating of the firm is 153 (Corporate citizens, 2019).
The ratings of the company match the assessment of the CSR program as they are much better in terms of giving back to the community according to its ratings.

Your overall assessment of their CSR program (include specifics)

PepsiCo CSR program is sufficient since it provides long term integration of sustainability into its business strategies and generally tries to minimize overall impacts in the environment through enhancing recycling and avoiding carbon dioxide emissions among others.
How does their CSR program influence your overall perception of the company?

The main goal of a company is to make profits in the long run. However, the firm aims at delivering financial performance and providing CSR activities to the community. The activities that the company has engaged in through giving back to the society are productive and useful.
Other comments
The purpose of the sustainability reports that PepsiCo produces every year is to show the economic social and environmental impacts the company has had in the society. It provides their sustainability reports and performance.
List sources referenced Corporate citizens, (2019). 100 best corporate citizens
Hayat, B. (2016). Role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Customer’s Loyalty: A Case on PepsiCo Pakistan (Doctoral dissertation, Bahria University Islamabad Campus).
Kumari, S., Sharma, T., & Sehrawat, A. (2016). Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of PEPSICO and COCA-COLA. Jaypee University of Information Technology; Solan; HP.

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