Critical thinking is a skill that is imperative in the day-to-day lives of all human allows one to make informed deliberations concerning pressing issues of life and subsequently arrive at well-advised decisions. (Ennis, 2011) The study of critical thinking can as such not be overstated. This paper purposes to posit an informed deliberation and examination of the raspberry yield situation in the USA town of Everytown. It will proceed to explicate the problem and recommend possible solutions that as mayor of Everytown I would consider as apt.
Statement of problems
Following a critical examination of the scenario in Everytown, the problem comes out in a multiplicity of issues. Foremost is the fact that the town is over dependent (and perhaps unwisely so) solely on its locally grown raspberries. These are looked upon as the primary natural energy source. The implications of this dependence is that, what if the yield of the raspberries falls short, or is entirely cut off? As is currently the case, the falling of raspberry production fell by half during the last season, a matter that has inevitably become problematic to the residents of the town.
The second problem in Everytown is the objection of the locals to the importation of raspberries from outside communities. This in itself is highly unadvised as it sidelines the fact that the town does need the raspberries more than ever if it is natural energy is to be sustained. Through critical observation, identification of such problems only comes naturally. (Ennis, 2011)
The last problem that I see as mayor is the question on how to convince the people of Everytown of the solutions to the problem the town has already been established, the damage in the town has already been done and the reparations thereof would require importation of raspberries from outside communities-a notion that the locals highly object to.
In addressing the solutions towards curbing and resolving the problems in Everytown as highlighted in the preceding paragraphs of this paper, education of the locals appears to be the best line of action to that end. A critical examination of the problems at hand in the town prove to the illogical nature of the peoples objection to importation of raspberries from outside communities. This is more so the case seeing as importation of the energy source is the last lifeline to the towns natural energy.
Alternatively, other sources of natural energy need to be introduced and implemented in the town. As a matter of thinking outside the box or rather, seeing the bigger picture, it appears somewhat ridiculous that the town solely depends on one source of natural begs the question: what if this source comes an unprecedented shortage or total lack thereof.
Implications of solutions
The above-recommended solutions have far-reaching implications to the end of resolving the problems evidenced in Everytown. The introduction of alternative natural energy sources for the town would offer a variety of sources that would complement each other. The result of this is even better energy sustainability in Everytown.should one source be in shortage; the other would be there to fill the gap. Better still the gross natural energy of the town would increase double fold or more thereby offering the economic opportunity of exportation to other outside communities.
Educating the people of Everytown on the importance of critical thinking approaches to problem solving of their raspberry shortage scenario would serve to enlighten them of the logic of harmless importation of raspberries in times of dire need. This is from my point of view the best action to take at tomorrows town such, they will be less hesitant to the idea of getting raspberries from outside communities to cover for the deficit in the production should there be one.
Personal reflection
At this point, this paper fronts a commentary on the problem solving technique employed in the deliberations of the problems that Everytown faces and the likely solutions to that end. Through critical thinking, the problems of Everytown, though challenging are in fact not impossible to solve. By observing and analyzing the scenario in Everytown, the problems become evident. Similarly, by evaluating and interpreting the problems, the solutions come to the tomorrows town meeting, the critical thinking skill of explanation will suffice in leading the town towards successful problem solving of the raspberry scenario experienced in the town.
The information and resolve approaches arrived at from this deliberation will be gainful in ensuring the grounding of the sustainability of the natural energy in Everytown. This is imperative even for the towns posterity, as the problem of shortages of raspberry and solutions therefore will have found redress. Equally important, among the proposed solutions to the towns problems will see the town establish itself as an exporter of natural energy to outside communities. The implications of this will definitely be imperative in the fight against climate change and a great score toward environmental conservation.
Ennis, R. (2011). Critical thinking.

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