COMP 5070 Statistical Programming for Data Science
*New York Movies Scene* Assignment 1 DUE by 11:00pm (CST), Sunday 29th September

• This assignment is worth 25% of your overall grade.
• You have to prepare your assignment in Jupyter Notebook and submit a single file in Jupyter Notebook format that should include your code, results from running this code, all data visualisations and your comments and explanations as Markdown cells. Hint: google for “*jupyter notebook markdown example*” and you’ll get a lot of examples on how to format your text.
• You do NOT need to include the data files provided to you because I have them too.
• The exercise is out of 100 marks. To obtain the maximum available marks you should aim to:
1. Code all requested components (45%).
2. Aim for optimised code in terms of computational overhead (10%). It is not always possible to avoid loops, however you should aim to avoid loops where possible.
3. Use a clear coding style (10%). Code clarity is an important part of your submission. Thus, you should choose meaningful variable names and adopt the use of comments – you don’t need to comment every single line, as this will affect readability – however you should aim to comment at least each section of code.
4. Have the code run successfully (10%). Don’t use hard-coded path to data file, learn how to use *working directory*.
5. Write a short report within Jupyter Notebook (25%).

• This assignment can be openly discussed within the group online and you are welcome to share tips and tricks (not entire program or report, however).
• Assignments submitted late, without an extension being granted, will attract a penalty of 10 marks per each day or any part thereof beyond the due date and time.
• *Plagiarism is a specific form of academic misconduct.* Although the University encourages discussing work with others and the Social Forum will support this, ultimately this assignment is to represent your individual work. If plagiarism is found, all parties will be penalised. You should retain copies of all assignment computer files used during development of the solution to Assignment 1. These files must remain unchanged after submission, for the purpose of checking if required.
As usual, if you have any questions, problems, concerns – feel free to contact me. Good luck!

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