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Part B: Comprehensive plan
My primary idea revolves around investment education. Unlike investment in education, investment education generally involves the education of individuals in the concept of making wise and proper investments (NAIC, 2007). My idea is different from other ideas since, by educating individuals on the latter, it makes it easier for them to be able to make wise investment decisions, hence eliminating losses. The expected costs of putting up my idea into action would be no more than $450,000, which will enable the educational sponsorships of at least 5 beneficiaries at a cost of $50,000 per beneficiary. In addition, investment infrastructures like innovation and incubation hubs which will cost at least $300,000 and appropriate sensitization of proper investment models. These funds will be raised from various sponsorship programs, sourced from Non-Governmental Organizations such as PepsiCo which invests more than $400 million annually in sponsorship programs (NAIC, 2007).
Challenges such as poor road networks, inadequate investment infrastructure, poor education levels, lack of investors, and lack of knowledge on proper investments, may present themselves (NAIC, 2007). Nonetheless, in order to make this particular project reality, I will endeavor to initially sensitize the public on the importance of investment education. Proper and efficient networking with relevant stakeholders, as well as innovative and non-intrusive means of sourcing funds, such as sponsorship programs will also make this project a reality.
By successfully implementing this program, I expect that people from poor and developing nations will be able to empower themselves. A several individuals, such as young graduates, unemployed youth, and innovative persons will be able to benefit from this project (NAIC, 2007). They will be helped by empowering themselves in improving their lifestyles and standards of living.

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