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It is worth noting that the rate of urban unemployment has been increasing significant for the past few decades which in turn has led to the poor living conditions among many people. Perhaps, black males are perceived to be the most affected people especially in western countries due to racial discrimination. This has led to the increase of unemployment rates among the black males. Due to economic hardship, there has been increase of criminal activities in urban areas which in turn has increased insecurity among many urban areas (Desilver, 2016). However, even though unemployment is likely to affect all the people, black males has been affected greatly which has led to many of them engage in criminal activities. The future limitless aims to seek grant from different organizations in order to improve black male lifestyle through participation in the community initiative.
Problem Identification
The main problem facing many black men in urban areas is lack of employment which in turn has subjected them to poor living of standards. Many countries has been experiencing economic hardships and increase of job competition, many people has been rendered jobless. (Herd, 2014). This has been the case in western countries which has received increased number of black people in these countries. The increase of rate of emigration of black people to the western countries has rendered many people jobless.
The cause of increased unemployment rate among the black people is the increased rate of discrimination in western countries. Perhaps, black men are mostly discriminated in job acquisition which in turn has increased the rate of unemployment. Also, increase of job competition in western countries which has resulted from high population and increase of number of graduates has led to the increase of employment rate. This implies that the local and native citizens are given first priority in job acquisition and hence rendering immigrants jobless.
The impact of the increase of unemployment includes poor living of standards, increase of criminal activities as well as increase of social dislocation among others. For instance, unemployment enhance poor living conditions which leave many people with no any other option rather than engaging in criminal activities in order to earn a living. The research shows that there has been increase of criminal activities in United States by 12% which is caused by increased rate of unemployment (Brown & De Cao, 2018). Black men has been involved in criminal activities since they are the most affected by unemployment. Also, social dislocations such as family conflict has been enhanced by the lack of job which in turn has increased the rate of divorce among many families. This implies that there is need to launch an initiative which will help improve the lifestyle of black men and reduce the impact caused by the lack of job opportunities.
The Solution to the Problem
The challenge of increased rate of unemployment can be solved by starting a community initiative which will allow men to participate in recycling of waste products disposal to the urban area. This is a lucrative initiative which helps to manufacture different products from waste products and improve the lifestyle of many people. This grant proposal aims to seek for the fund to start a waste recycling plant to manufacture different household items. The process involves visiting waste disposal sites and collect relevant and important waste products, recycle them and resale the new products to the market. This will also help to reduce waste disposal in urban areas and hence reducing health constraints among the residents which is caused by poor waster product disposal. The launch of the waste recycling plant aims to absorb black male who are jobless and hence increase their living of standards.
The recycling plant will expose black men to various skills such as production skills, marketing and selling skills as well as leadership and operation skills. This will enhance self-reliance among them and hence reducing the rate of unemployment and also increased rate of crimes caused by lack of jobs (Gutberlet, 2017). Some of the resources to make this initiative successful includes garbage collector and carrier vehicle, wheelbarrows, spades, recycling machines and production materials among others.
The Funding Sources
This funding proposal target various organizations and also well-wishers as well as non-governmental organizational. The United Nations Environment (UNEP) is the main target since the initiative will help to conserve environment while also creating employment opportunities for the black men. The Future Limitless also aims to seek grant from UN Careers which helps in funding various initiatives and organizations which are involved in promoting career development and creation of jobs. Non-governmental organizations such as banks, financial companies and other entities are also considered as the main source of funding for this initiative. The Future Limitless also aims to get financial assistance from well-wishers who are willing to help black men who are facing unemployment challenges due to racial discrimination and lack of job opportunities.

Resources required Price Quantity Total cost
Garbage collector vehicle $10,000 1 $10,000
Wheelbarrows $15 100 $1,500
Spades $6 200 $1,200
Recycling machines $1000 5 $5,000
Production machines $750 8 $6,000
Training $800 5 days $4,000
Premises $1000 1 $1,000
Total $28,700

The Future Limitless is pleased present the above proposal to the relevant organizations and well-wishers for review. The company look forward to partner with different organizations and well-wishers to launch a waste recycling plant which aims to create employment to the black men and enhance self-reliance among themselves. The objective of the project is to reduce unemployment and also promote social stratification among the black men who has been discriminated in job market. Any financial assistance will be highly appreciated and the funds received will be used strictly according to the formulated budget to ensure the objective of the initiative is achieved.

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