Boeing Unified communication Capabilities

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Boeing Unified communication Capabilities

               Boeing Company should develop the following method to safeguard their unified communication privacy and integrity on their very confidential discussion on military aircraft. Boeing should enforce the use of strong passwords. The company should discourage staffs from using a simple password such as 1234568 or company name. Use of firewalls will also help the company to protect its corporate network.Unified communication protection includes the protection of the net with defenses such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and border controller. The company should also stop service fraud and theft. Services theft is common with telecom managers because people always try to break into a system of the phone to make a lot of internationals call which are very expensive. Additionally, Boeing Company should pay attention to physical security of the company, because physical security is the first line of the company security. Boeing should check on the buildings and data centers, this places should only be allowed to authorized employees. More so the company need to carry out consistent security maintenance, Boeing need frequently to carry out patching and preserve all the security defense up to date on all the company network, comprising computers, laptops, the company servers, and the unified communication system. Lastly, the company needs to consider the usage of the prioritize speech over the data traffic. The company can employ the use of several bandwidth management techniques, which will help to guarantee, the company that the bandwidth is freely available for delicate time voice communication and partnership among the company staffs when communicating on confidential company information.

The Unified communication capabilities has benefited Boeing company in many ways, firstly, the UC has improved the sharing of knowledge and info among the staffs, sharing of information among the crews has been made easy, quickly, effective and more efficient irrespective of the employees location, the company staffs, mostly the engineers communication has been made easy as they can quickly share their expertise with others who are very far as if they in the same location. Furthermore, the ability to backing UC capabilities over the converged  IP system assists the sharing of information and this has become one of the company’s partnerships and information management structure approaches. Also, the UC system permits those staffs in the inaccessible areas to achieve the capabilities that they always have at home or in the company offices. The company also has realized an increase in the productivity of the employees, including those working as a team and those working alone. The company has also experienced some significant reduction in the cost of the audio conferencing. This has been lowered to about 15% with the establishment of the unified communication network system in the company.

As a CEO at Boeing company I would employ the following unified communication features, click to dial feature from web browser or the outlook, I would also use disaster recovery, calls will be routed to all other areas to guarantee that no request is lost and chat on the other hand can still be retrieved, this will help increase productivity in the company. Another UC capability that I will employ is the use of the screen pops that contain specific, client's pieces of information. And lastly, I will employ the use of presence mechanism, and this will help to ensure that the company is aware of the availability of other staffs, the company staffs such as the engineers, will be able to know the availability of the other engineers in the field or the company office.

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