Analyzing Mission and Vision Statements of Briscoes NZ Limited.

1. Introduction.
Briscoe Company is found in New Zealand, it is a retail chain type of a company which was founded in the 1860s. It is the largest company in the Nation that deals with providing sports equipment and also apparel provider.
1.1 Operations and accounting
In the latest report on financial performance their revenue in sales was five hundred and eighty million dollars in the previous year. There is increase in performance of the Briscoe group by about twenty one percent.
1.2 Sales and Marketing
The credit is given to the strategy of the group in marketing following the techniques that the company is employing in encouraging more customers into the company. The reason behind the success of the company is that they have put commitment to the customer in providing the best value of the items they require.
1.3 Human Resource
The human relations department has also ensured that there is good relationship between the employees within the company.
1.4 Risk management
The company has got its production chains in other bigger cities ensuring that production is maximum meeting the market demand in all the parts of the country. By this the company also ensures that it remains top in the market as it has always been since its inception

2. Vision and Mission
What is vision and mission statements?
In marketing approach of any company the mission is what defines the business of the company, the objectives and it is the way in realizing the objectives that a company has. On the other hand the vision statement is what describes where a firm is standing in its position in future. Vision and mission statement elements are used time to time in providing a company’s statement on its values purpose as well as the company’s goals, but the words are interchangeably used (Allison,2019).
How to come up with mission and vision statements.
In a typical way the executive level of a company like Briscoe comes up with the mission and vision of the entire company at large. The divisional managers heading the various departments can as well come up with departmental vision and mission statements. In coming up with a mission or vison statement the managers are required to, have a clear identification of the culture of the corporate, strategy, values as well as the state of the employees in determining the future of the organization. Address commitment of the company to its customers, stake holders, employees as well as the communities surrounding the firm. Make sure that the objectives can be measured, the vision is reasonable and also that the approach is reliable. Not to use complex language in communicating the message. The message should be short, brief and straight to the point.
What is the purpose of mission and vision statement in an organization?
The vision and mission statements should act as the guide of the management in making critical issues, especially in the times of remarkable change in the organization. Again, mission and vision statements are what defines the standard performance standards of the firm. Employees or the staff of a company are also inspired in working more productively by having them put focus as well be aware of the common goals (Allison,2019).
Having mission and vision statements in a company as well helps the management and the employees in making the right decision when they are required to do so. They statements also help in reminding the employees in the company about the ethical values framework which should keep them inline. The customers will definitely attracted to the company by the mission and vision statements and helps the company in creating linkages that are close with the customers. More importantly the statements are like tool for public relations for a company.
2.1 Vision Statement
The mission and vision of Briscoe’s NZ limited are created based on the company’s motto that states “you’ll never buy better” a slogan that I used to mean that the company offers the cheapest price compared to other companies in the market. The slogans is basically created to attract the customers.
Briscoes NZ limited Vision
The vision of Briscoes NZ limited, focuses on the aspect that the company deals with homeware as well as the rebel sportswear, it emphasizes on the comfortability of the clothes made by the company and the fact that they are quality and also cheap. The vision is good however it is a little bit detailed when it should be short, brief and on point. In a way it does not accomplish the full purpose of a vision statement as it does not market the company well in the market bringing out the most significant area of the company that is to provide affordable prices.
2.1.1 Analyzing the vision statement of the selected organization in terms of the suitability in the current business environment
The vision also is not as unique as it should be, as any other company can just have a similar or close to this one which might bring a confusion in the market. The executive should consider looking at the vision and try to change some few things to suit the purpose of the company. They should have in mind that the vision is as a tool for marketing the company out there and therefore they should take it as an important aspect of the company if they need to up the number of customers at Briscoes (Breen, 2020). The customer should be the focus of the company, as without the customer there is no business.
2.1.2 Alternative Vision Statement
I would suggest a vision that states “To provide quality and affordable products for the people”. This vision is based on the motto of the company which encourages affordable prices for the company’s products, but also does not leave behind one of the goals of the organization which is to make quality Homewear products and sports as well as other products.
2.1.3 How your alternative Vision Statement is suitable for the company
This is crucial because some customers or some people when buying something, might be have questions about the quality of the products especially if the prices are lower compared to other companies. However, it also depends on the reputation that the company has put and the trust that the customers have to the Briscoes Company Limited.

2.2 Mission Statement
The mission of Briscoes NZ Company, it is a good one although the problem is that it is more detailed just like the vision. The mission should also be brief, with a clear message defining what the efforts of the company are focused on achieving.
2.2.1 Analyzing the mission statement of Bricoes NZ Limited.
The mission also should be easier to read but this one seems to be complex and sometimes the customers may not take their time to read it through. The employees of the company may also find it confusing especially where it lays off its various goals (Davis, P. 2018). It makes the panic because it may appear to them that there is a lot to achieve and they should have a lot to offer as well.
The management of the company I feel that it should consider having a better alternative mission that does not seem to go beyond the activities of the company. Since deals with home wear as well as rebel sportswear it’s should revolve around the community of the culture of sports by supporting talent and by producing better sports gear and training kits. However, the mission includes the goals of the company and if one can take their time to read it should make a lot of sense which I believe that it is the reason it has been in the market for the better part of the years.
The vision statement was written long ago as the company seems to have been there the longest time when the environment was different from now. Which makes it another reason as to why the executive at the Briscoes Company should consider the new environment and change it to a more modern one.

2.2.2 Alternative Mission Statement
On the mission I would have one that states “to promote the sports culture by producing quality products at best reasonable price”.
2.2.3 How alternative Mission Statement is suitable for the company.
This will at least encourage sports men and sports women in acquiring sports gear from the company because in the first place it identifies itself with the sports culture. In other cases the companies will or can sign deals with sports people to promote their products while they do the sport. It is not only the people but even groups and teams. This motto also is based on the goal of providing quality Homewear as well as cheaper Home wear within the country. It is short and precise and clear to any person. It defines the goal of the company as well as were the company directs its effort on.
Mission and vision are important elements of the outer experience of any company. It is what has made the Briscoes New Zealand limited to thrive and stay steadfast in the market, despite its long time stay in the market. Its strong executive team is the force behind ensuring that the company works on its goals maintains the goals by keeping the staff or the employees focused on the vision and mission of the company (Breen, 2020). They are always written or mounted in big noticeable fonts and strategically placed, so that when the employees or even other people walk into the company premises they can be able to remember or know what the company is focusing on.
They are also noticeable from the websites of companies and are used as marketing tools for companies like Bricoes Company limited in New Zealand. It important to note this whenever one is intending to start a new company, that this two elements are key and that they should sell the company out there. Therefore is right to conclude that A good mission and vision statements, creates a good picture for the company in the market. Keeps the company activities on track and also achieves the company goals and objectives.

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